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Exploring the Healing Journey: From Clinical Pharmacology to Homeopathy with Som Jandu.

Discover Som's Inspiring Transformation

In a captivating episode of the Homeopathy Hangout Podcast, we delve deep into the remarkable journey of Som Jandu, a prominent figure in the world of homeopathy. Som's path from clinical pharmacology to homeopathy was profoundly influenced by his brother's brave fight against Hodgkin's lymphoma, sparking a transformative shift in his understanding of health and healing.

Unveiling the Podcast Highlights

02:18 - Som's Journey to Homeopathy

Som's story begins with a heartfelt recount of his transition from the conventional realm of clinical pharmacology to the holistic practice of homeopathy. Learn how his brother's illness became a catalyst for change, leading Som to explore alternative healing methods that emphasize the interconnectedness of emotional, environmental, and physical health.

05:46 - The Resurgence of Homeopathy

Homeopathy has seen a resurgence in recent years, and Som sheds light on why this ancient practice is gaining renewed attention. Discover the unique principles that set homeopathy apart and how it addresses the root causes of ailments rather than merely treating symptoms.

08:14 - The Role of Homeopaths

What exactly do homeopaths do? Som provides an insightful overview of the crucial role homeopaths play in guiding individuals towards holistic wellness, emphasizing the importance of personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs.

10:58 - Challenges and Misconceptions

Homeopathy often faces skepticism and misconceptions. Som addresses these challenges head-on, offering thoughtful responses to common critiques and misconceptions, and highlighting the scientific principles that underpin homeopathic practices.

13:36 - Understanding Symptoms and Causation

In this segment, Som delves into the intricate relationship between symptoms and their underlying causes. Gain a deeper understanding of how homeopathy approaches illness by focusing on the root causes rather than simply alleviating symptoms.

19:59 - Impact of Parental Habits and Diet on Generations

Som explores the profound impact that parental habits and dietary choices can have on future generations. Learn how lifestyle factors can influence the health of not just individuals, but entire family lines.

27:24 - Effects of Vegetarianism on Vitamin Levels

Is vegetarianism always the healthiest choice? Som examines the potential effects of a vegetarian diet on vitamin levels, providing valuable insights for those considering or already following this dietary path.

30:19 - Understanding and Addressing Anemia

Anemia is a common condition with various underlying causes. Som discusses the homeopathic approach to understanding and addressing anemia, offering practical advice for those seeking alternative treatments.

33:35 - Role of Emotions and Glands in Disease Manifestation

The mind-body connection is a cornerstone of holistic health. Discover how emotions and glandular function play a pivotal role in the manifestation of diseases, and how homeopathy can help restore balance.

35:18 - The Three T's of Disease

Introducing the transformative "three T's of disease"—trauma, toxins, and thoughts. Som explains how these factors interplay to influence health and how homeopathy can address each aspect to promote healing.

41:26 - Understanding Patients' Life Circumstances

A holistic approach requires understanding the broader context of a patient's life. Som emphasizes the importance of considering life circumstances in the treatment process, ensuring a comprehensive and empathetic approach to healing.

53:08 - Family Homeopathy Course

Exciting news for families! Learn about the newly launched Family Homeopathy course designed to empower families with the profound wisdom of homeopathy, enhancing their well-being and holistic understanding of health. This course offers practical tools and knowledge to support family health naturally.

About Som Jandu

Som Jandu, President of the College of Practical Homeopathy, is a distinguished figure in the field of homeopathy with extensive expertise and a commitment to excellence in education. Trained under Ellen Kramer, founder of The CPH, Som quickly established a thriving global practice and later took on key roles at the college. With over 25 years of experience, Som has trained healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, and marketers, bringing a comprehensive background in clinical pharmacology, neuro-immunology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, homeopathy, herbalism, supplementation, and clinical nutrition to his work. His passion for elevating homeopathic education standards and advancing holistic practices at The CPH is evident in his ongoing efforts to enhance educational programs.

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To learn more about Som Jandu and his work, visit:

For those interested in enrolling in the Family Homeopathy course, visit Family Homeopathy.

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Join us in this enlightening episode to uncover the profound insights and transformative power of homeopathy with Som Jandu!

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