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Discover the Healing Power of Homeopathy with The CPH's Ellen Kramer on the “Homeopathy Hangout with Eugénie Krüger” podcast.

Updated: 7 days ago

We are thrilled to announce that Ellen Kramer, the founder of the College of Practical Homeopathy, was recently featured on the popular podcast "Homeopathy Hangout with Eugénie Krüger." In Episode 293, Ellen shares her deep insights into the world of homeopathy, discussing its practical applications and the guiding philosophy of the College of Practical Homeopathy.


Ellen Kramer's Journey to Homeopathy


In this engaging episode, Ellen Kramer recounts her personal journey to discovering homeopathy and how it revolutionised her approach to health and wellness (01:50). Ellen candidly discusses her initial scepticism and the transformative changes she experienced, which fuelled her passion for homeopathy. Her story is a powerful testament to the body's incredible healing potential and the importance of addressing the root causes of illness.


The Ethos of the College of Practical Homeopathy


Ellen elaborates on the core philosophy of the College of Practical Homeopathy, which focuses on practical application and case analysis through patient interaction and holistic understanding (05:22). The college is dedicated to training practitioners to effectively apply homeopathic principles in real-world scenarios. Ellen emphasises the importance of understanding the body's language and listening to its signals to address health issues holistically (16:03).


Addressing Modern Health Challenges


Ellen discusses inherited toxicity and its link to modern chronic diseases (09:45), as well as the need to revolutionise homeopathy in the 21st century (11:40). She also highlights the hidden side effects of asthma medication (20:29) and the benefits of eliminating dairy to alleviate eczema and constipation (29:40).


The Role of Nutrition and Herbs


Throughout the podcast, Ellen highlights the critical role that nutrition and herbs play in supporting the body’s natural healing processes. She discusses how understanding drug side effects and nutrient depletion is essential for holistic healing (35:51). Ellen also shares innovative approaches to homeopathic detox and healing through LM potency (47:54).


Challenging Conventional Medicine


One of the most compelling aspects of Ellen's conversation is her challenge to conventional medical approaches. She encourages listeners to trust their own bodies and their innate ability to heal. Ellen advocates for a paradigm shift in how we view health and illness, promoting a more natural and patient-centred approach to wellness.


Listen to the Episode


Ready to explore the power of homeopathy and learn from an expert in the field? Tune in to Episode 293 of "Homeopathy Hangout with Eugénie Krüger" to hear Ellen Kramer's inspiring insights. Whether you are new to homeopathy or a seasoned practitioner, this episode offers valuable knowledge and a fresh perspective on holistic health.


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Listen, learn, and embark on your journey to better health with the guidance of Ellen Kramer and the College of Practical Homeopathy. Tune in to "Homeopathy Hangout with Eugénie Krüger" today!



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