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Words of the week.

"Misanthropy and Miserly"


Words of the Week: misanthropy and miserly

Hi OHANA! It’s been a bit of a ‘word of every other week’ recently due to busyness, sickness and being awayness…

This week’s words are inspired by Ebenezer Scrooge - who has come to represent the complete opposite of the ‘season of goodwill’ and giving! (Before he transforms that is!)

Hopefully he’ll help you to remember their meaning…

_Misanthropy_ is a dislike and distrust of humankind. The opposite of ‘philanthropy’ (doing good for humanity because you love it so - lots of celebs and billionaires get described as philanthropists…) while *miserly* is about being stingy and covetous (which I’m pretty sure has been mentioned in another WoW and means desiring other people’s possessions and money - it’s one of the 10 Commandments of things not to do/be)

Two remedies stand out in the repertory for misanthropy but they couldn’t sound more different?! 🤔🤔 and I’m not sure which, if either, Scrooge fits but will compare them here:


Anac scores 4 and if you picture a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other you’ll have a keynote for this remedy 😈😇 mental health features heavily with depression and schizophrenia, split nature, victim of abuse/humiliation, curses with violent language, swears, blasphemes…you can see the distaste for humanity…not quite what we see in Scrooge beyond his ‘bah humbugging’ but he definitely doesn’t like people when we meet him!

But Nat-c is described as mild and kind, sensitive to music, nervous in thunderstorms…?? In the smaller print we see melancholy, grief, depression and difficulty dealing with the suffering and pain in the world…sensitive to the presence of certain persons, can be irritable and averse to society even of their own family or spouse…delusion of being abandoned or deserted…

Scrooge had felt very alone in the world and his only love left him because he loved money more than her…but that love of money would’ve been an ‘effect’ rather than a ‘cause’…perhaps he had learnt to trust money more than he felt he could trust people…he could hoard his money but you can’t hoard people which points to a deep sadness and pain rather than just being wicked which we see when he manages to transform by the end 🤔🤷‍♀️

I’m not saying Scrooge is a NAT-C but it’s fun to think about characters and their backstories and wonder what remedies they are doing as it helps learn the remedies and could be something to add to your Mat Meds as pictures and prompts to remember remedies better💡👍🏆😄

Have a good rest of the week, OHANA! 🙏☺️✨


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