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Word of the week : "Marasmus"

Updated: Oct 14, 2023


Hi OHANA, this week’s word has been requested by Alice 🙏☺️ It was a WoW before she started the course but is definitely worth a revisit 👍👍

*Marasmus* or *emaciation* are both to do with *malnutrition* which appears above it in the rep photo.

Marasmus is in the CLINICAL chapter, FOOD chapter and CHILDREN chapter.

The bottom rubric reminds me of the story of _Benjamin Button_ so I’ve included the film trailer here as a memory prompt too👴🏻➡️👶🏻 ‘a child who is like an old man’

~ A progressive wasting of the body, occurring chiefly in young children and associated with insufficient intake or malabsorption of food.

~ In pathology, a wasting of the flesh.

~ A wasting of flesh without fever or apparent disease; a kind of consumption; atrophy; phthisis.

Have a good rest of the week ☺️🙏


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