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Word of the week : "Faultfinding / Censorious"


Hi OHANA, it’s been a busy few weeks so I’ve not been as regular with the WoWs but here’s another one for you…

*Faultfinding* and *censorious* both point you toward ‘*critical*’ dispositions or being critical. Similar words would be _nagging_ _nitpicking_ and _complaining_ (the last has its own rubric).

When looking at remedies for being critical the ones scoring 3s are as follows:


Looking at some of these remedies we can see why they might find fault in everything:

*Arsenicum* is a fastidious remedy (pays very close attention to detail, a perfectionist, frets about _trifles_ (a previous WoW))

*Platina* is a bit like the character Willy in the Indiana Jones film the gif is from: haughty, superior, looks with disdain on everyone and everything (though I don’t blame her for complaining about the dinner in the film!! But she even sprays the elephant with perfume!?! 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🐘🙊)

*Lachesis* can be very sharp tongued (a snake remedy) mocking, haughty and critical with it. Quarrelsome so perhaps criticises to pick a fight 🤔

*Sepia* is worn down and weighed down. Maybe criticism here is more nagging as a cry for support - though Sepia scores high for aversion to her husband too and wanting the family to just leave her alone…! (Remedies are not necessarily gendered but the rubrics sometimes are) it’s a remedy that is coming from a place of exhaustion and being fed up.

Complaining, as a rubric, is a bit different with remedies like *CALC-PHOS* and *TUB* which tend to be remedies who are never satisfied so it makes sense they might then complain as well.

I was about to sign off and just remembered it’s coming up to Thanksgiving for some of you - I mention it here partly to wish you seasonal greetings but mainly because gratitude is a fantastic antidote for when we slip into critical complaining states ☺️👍🙏 have a good week ahead everyone! 💃🏻🙌✨


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